Source: Bentley Considering MORE Luxurious Mulsanne Model


Left Lane News says Bentley is considering a new model that would be based off the Mulsanne but would be more luxurious and would carry a new name. This rumor didn’t turn into a post because it seems so unlikely to us. Based on conversations and comments with company officials, it seems apparent that any upgraded Mulsanne would fall under the scope of Mulliner, like The Grand Limousine. So instead of a write up, we’ll leave this on the forum for comment. What do you think?

“If approved for production, the yet-unnamed model will ride on the same basic platform as the Mulsanne but it will wear a different nameplate. It won’t simply be a stretched Mulsanne, however; that segment of the market is already covered by the long-wheelbase Mulsanne that debuted earlier this year during the Geneva Auto Show.” - Left Lane News

Source: Left Lane News