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Hello, my name is Edward. I’m looking forward to discussion revolving around my favorite auto brand, and the opportunity to learn more about the 2003 Arnage “R” that I currently own. Thanks for including me!


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you! I’m looking forward to learning.


Hello to everyone. I am an older gentleman, living in Newport Beach, California. I’ve owned 60 brand new cars over my lifetime, but never a Bentley. I had a new Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible in 1987. A beautiful, terrible car. Must be why most everything since has been festooned with a three pointed star. Anyway, I am considering a new or gently used Continental convertible, so I thought I’d jump into this forum and see what’s going on. Wish me luck! Cheers!


Welcome Streamliner! Keep us posted on your search.